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Blagdon Midi Pond Pumps

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Blagdon MidiPond Water Garden Pump : For Fountains, Filters, Waterfalls and FeaturesAvailable in a range of power outputs All pumps include: 5 Attractive fountain head options Unique & comprehensive fitting set to personalise your display T piece with fountain and feature flow control valves 30cm adjustable telescopic fountain extension pipe 20cm fixed fountain extension pipe 3 interchangeable hose fittings (25mm, 19mm and 12.5mm) Optional foam pre-filter for use with Daisy Jet 10 metres mains cable 3 Year Manufacturer's GuaranteeWhich Pump for My Pond?Small Pond : 1450 litres : MDP 3500 Medium Pond : 3150 litres : MDP 4500 Med/Large Pond : 4300 litres : MDP 5500 Large Pond : 5400 litres : MDP 6500 The recommended pump sizes given are based on the pump running : a fountain or feature AND a filter, AND a regular waterfall To run a fountain only, downsize the pump selection to a lower rating (if going down from the MDP 3500, choose the MiniPond 2000) To run a higher, or wider waterfall, or to get more flow through the waterfall, increase the pump selection to the next higher
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